Bastille Releases New Apocalypse Studio Album ‘Doom Days’: Review

Bastille Releases New Apocalypse Studio Album ‘Doom Days’: Review

Frontman of Bastille Dan Smith explained to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that their album is a concept record, “We’re telling the course of a night out during the apocalypse.”


Dan, Kyle, Will, and Chris begins with the giddy expectations of “Quarter Past Midnight” and hurtles toward the booze-fueled euphoria of “Million Pieces” before morning breaks and a text from a crush on the upbeat “Joy” as the ends of the “Doom Days” album.


“When you try and do something that’s different and creative—particularly in the environment at the moment with people being obsessed with single songs—it’s so nice to double down and care about those songs but really think about a record and a narrative,” Smith said.


The London alternative rock quartet brings together the skyscraping choruses of old song “Bad Blood”, electronic experimentation of follow-up Wild World, and gospel singers from their ReOrchestrated UK tour 2018 in a spectacularly on the saxophone-powered of “Those Nights.”


“We wanted to write something about that point in the night when you’re craving human contact and create something woozy and beautiful,” Smith added.


Their third studio album which was released today (June 14) under Virgin Records addresses social anxiety (“The Waves”), phone addiction (“Doom Days”), excess (“Nocturnal Creatures”), and political apathy (“Million Pieces”), but the Londoners are confident that redemption can be found in human interaction and a good party.


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