Calum Scott Talks About Album Debut Anniversary and New Album ‘CS2’

Calum Scott Talks About Album Debut Anniversary and New Album ‘CS2’

Every day Calum Scott wake up with happy and excited feeling since he released his debut album “Only Human” on March 9, 2018. Britain’s Got Talent winner even blown away due to his big dream became a reality.


“It’s an incredible journey, and it was one took time. I was travelling the world to different countries, performing my music, I was writing music as well, and then I was in the studio, on tour, and then I was in the studio,” Calum told Music N Soul. “So it was a quite well journey, the best thing that I’ve ever done with my life is write this album.”


Most of Calum’s deepest lyrics are from his personal life, especially in living and travelling. From finding love, having a heartbroken, missing his family to dancing in the rain.


“My songwriting is very much about real life about writing things about you, and those guys can relate to and say, ‘That happens to me, I had my heart broken off, I miss my family.’”


Since his greatest single “You Are The Reason” succeed and touched almost people’s heart, Calum revealed that he will write more song in his new album CS2.


“So I write a song that really hit hard with people and that become my inspiration to write more songs. For example, “You Are The Reason” to see how well this song is done in this part of the world and it just shows that music is the language of the world.”


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