Charles Cleyn Is Serious About Being A Full-Time Musician

Charles Cleyn Is Serious About Being A Full-Time Musician

In early June 2018, we have special Q+A session with Charles Cleyn, the Canadian musician who is now living in Germany. The 28-years-old grew up playing piano and singing songs around the supper table with the family. “Music was always playing in the house. I grew up learning how to sing harmony and how to hold a tune,” he said.


Over the years, he took what he learned in music growing up and started playing school talent shows and local clubs in around Ottawa. Years later, Charles found his own voice and started writing his own music. “It took awhile for me to get comfortable with writing and playing my own songs but after every show people, kept saying I should keep doing it, so I am.”


How did you get started in music?

I started playing music at a young age. I picked up piano at 8 and played for 5 years but then I left because I started getting too busy with sports. It wasn’t until 5 years later I picked up the guitar, taught myself how to play and started writing songs.


What kind of music do you play?

I play primarily pop music but I like to think I’m a little different in the way I approach the songs. You’ll have to listen to find out what I mean.


You’re in Berlin now but have you always lived in Germany?

No, I’m from Canada originally and I only moved to Berlin 1 year ago. I moved here for a job but then I quit to do music full-time and work towards my aspirations of being a full time musician.



When did you start working on the Decisions EP and did you record in Canada or Berlin?

I wrote the first song on the EP, Decisions, in August of 2017 and I wrote songs religiously for the following 6 months. I had the whole 5 song EP complete by December 2017 but it took 6 months to get everything produced and recorded. It was the first time I really put my head down to write songs so it all came out very easily. I had so much to say.


Will we expect to hear another album from you in the coming few months?

Yes, I’m really excited to release a full-length album in 2019 and I hope to be touring this summer with the Decisions EP in Canada and Berlin.


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