D’MASIV Releases ‘Kesempatan Bersamamu’ From ‘Antologi Rasa’ Soundtrack: Exclusive

D’MASIV Releases ‘Kesempatan Bersamamu’ From ‘Antologi Rasa’ Soundtrack: Exclusive

The Indonesian band D’MASIV got the trust of Soraya Intercines Film to make a soundtrack from their films. Previously, they had produced the movie soundtrack ‘Single’ in 2015 with the same song title. In fact, the song consists in the fifth album of D’MASIV.


Rian, Rai, Kiki, Rama, and Wahyu have just released a song titled “Kesempatan Bersamamu” on Jan. 22 for the film “Antologi Rasa.” According to Kiki D’MASIV (guitarist), the song tells of a guy who fell in love with his girlfriend.


“He really thinks about his crush every time. Wherever he goes, he always imagines her face. “The guy also doesn’t want to miss any chance with his crush,” he told Music N Soul. “The film is really emotionally, you have to watch it on February 14, 2019.”



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In this exclusive interview, he had said that the D’MASIV had exciting experience and new challenge when doing the production process of the “Kesempatan Bersamamu” song.


“The most excited is we make a song that begins with screening the film. The production process is also swift because before we entered the studio, we knew what we were going to do. And, we have never made a song with a music arrangement like a “Kesempatan Bersamamu” song. The music is very fresh.”


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