Drew Vision Talks About His Career as a Full-Time Musician: Exclusive

Drew Vision Talks About His Career as a Full-Time Musician: Exclusive

Music, it’s one of the few things that almost every human wants and needs, no matter what part of the world or culture you are from. Music is almost like as primal as water.


A New York-based musician, Drew Vision is focused on spreading peace & love through his music and other outlets of influence such as “Deep Water”, “Without You”, “All I Need”, and more.


“What I like about being a musician is that I get to be a part of one of the most universal elements in life,” he said to Music N Soul.


Since 2011 until right now, he became a full-time artist and always kept produce his music, and since he becomes a part of it, nothing has much change in his life, especially his personality.


“No, I think my personality is the same that it always has been and while I understand why the emerging artists personalities changes I think I can create a life even with success where I can always be myself without worry.”


Besides being an artist with a smooth Soul voice, act, and model, Drew always do write a lot of his own songs independent, but he doesn’t produce the music, because he loves to work with other writers and producers.


“I believe the results come out better when great minds collaborate,” he added.


This year, he’s very excited about his performing and promoting newest project “Hybrid”. Even, he also plans to release a single, and a new video as well.


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