Jaz Finds His New Heartbreak Song ‘Bagaimana Bisa’ from Social Media

Jaz Finds His New Heartbreak Song ‘Bagaimana Bisa’ from Social Media

Today, Jaz comes with a unique story on his fifth single, titled “Bagaimana Bisa”. He found this song through snippets of songs from Ivan Alidiyan’s Instagram account.


“From the first time I listened to this song, I immediately liked it,” Jaz said. “This is a typical song that I once had, something I wanted to sing, and there was a feeling of being a bit afraid of being taken faster by other singers.”


While Ivan was quite surprised to get an enthusiastic reaction from the 26-year-old singer.


“Accidentally, Jaz heard the song. Interestingly, he listened to the song when he was in Japan,” Ivan said. “After listening to the song, Jaz asked me personally to ‘adopt’ the song to be his. Without further thinking, I agreed because I believed Jaz was able to deliver this song correctly.”


“Bagaimana Bisa” comes as a medium beat song with an urban feel that tells the story of trust and love that is harmed by treason without awareness. Everything that seems to go according to plan, all promises and mutual trust, are deceived and destroyed instantly by irresponsible betrayal.


It was composed by Ramadhan Handy & Asta Andoko (KananMusik) who previously worked on Jaz’s hit single called “Teman Bahagia.” Jaz only asked for a small revised to reduce the element that brought joy to replace with a more poignant vibe.


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