Nadya Fatira Dedicates Her Siblings in a New Single ‘Bersaudara’

Nadya Fatira Dedicates Her Siblings in a New Single ‘Bersaudara’

Indonesian singer and composer Nadya Fatira is back with a brand new music called “Bersaudara” via Universal Music Indonesia.


The lyrics who written by Nadya are quite deep and touch emotionally. Surely, she wrote it with the best words that are easy to understand.


In accordance to the title, the song tells about how a person grows together as siblings, from kid to adult, through many things together, the ups and downs of life, from conflict to make peace.


“I dedicate this song to my sister and my little brother,” she said to Music N Soul. “I made this song intentionally so that there was something I could remember forever about the three of us. My sister has died. Now only two of us. So I made this song because later there will also be someone who first left between the two of us too. “


Before “Bersaudara” was released on July 26, Nadya Fatira released a hit single titled “Lagu Tanpa Huruf R” in November 2018. The song has reached 1.3 million views on the Nadya Fatira’s YouTube channel, NF Music.


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