Netmarble and BTS Makes an App ‘BTS World’ to Chat with Army

Netmarble and BTS Makes an App ‘BTS World’ to Chat with Army

South Korea biggest mobile-app publisher Netmarble Corp. (Lineage 2 Revolution and Marvel Future Fight), will release their first major mobile tech and entertainment to drive the country’s economic growth.


“BTS World” is set to drop on June 26 worldwide and on June 27 in the UK. While the full soundtrack will be released on June 28. The game contains previously undisclosed videos and photos of the boy band and it takes players to their pre-debut days to recruit and train the singers.


Users can pay to quicken the process of guiding the seven young men to stardom. Created by local developer Takeone Company Corp. and published by Netmarble, the game also features video and text chats with RM, Jin, J-Hope, V, Jungkook, Jimin, and Suga.


Netmarble already plans a sequel to BTS World, seeking to maximize profit from what has arguably become the biggest K-Pop success after singer Psy, according to The Jakarta Post.


The company’s founder, Bang Jun-hyuk, teamed up with relative Bang Si-hyuk of Big Hit Entertainment, the agency behind BTS, to develop the game. The entrepreneur is betting the recipe will re-energize growth at Netmarble, which trades about 20% lower than when it listed in 2017.


“Even though it’s based on story-telling, as you progress you can discover a lot of missions and gaming elements,” Seungwon Lee, Netmarble’s chief global officer, told Bloomberg Television. “It’s sufficient incentive to keep motivating users to play.”

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