Orchid Forest Cikole Presented the Annual Series of Forestra 2019 with Adihita Sofyan, Teza Sumendra, and More

Orchid Forest Cikole Presented the Annual Series of Forestra 2019 with Adihita Sofyan, Teza Sumendra, and More

A new and unusual concept in society is certainly not an obstacle for Forestra to attract the attention of large masses. With the idea of an orchestral-themed event in the middle of the forest, Forestra succeeded for the second time to amaze the audience with a lineup of Indonesian artists on last Saturday, 28 September.


Forestra 2019 was attended by 3,124 visitors with a mega stage that was designed by Jay Subyakto to amaze them – starting from bright daylight to dark night with fantastic lighting design and extraordinary large scale stage.


Adhitia Sofyan opened the Forestra 2019 and immediately lightened the atmosphere with a series of performances of his distinctive musical and solemn songs such as “Forget Jakarta” and “Adelaide Sky.” Float then continued their performance at the Forestra 2019 mega stage right at sunset. As if they coloured the sky with sweet orange shades combined with towering tall pine trees.


The festival which has been densely packed and crowded with visitors continues with Maliq & D’Essentials which always succeeded in making the fans exclaim. Before proceeding to the main event, Barry Akbar as CEO of Orchid Forest Cikole expressed his thanks to Jay Subyakto, Erwin Gutawa and Joni B.S Nugroho. They asked the audience to sing “Mengheningkan Cipta” for our brothers and sisters who affected by the forest fires and political conflicts that are currently happening in Indonesia.


It is time for Erwin Gutawa Orchestra to show the main event, which was performing the orchestra in the middle of the forest. He brought his 45 players to start the set with a beautiful strand that blends with the natural beauty of the forest makes the audience amazed.


Then Mondo Gascaro appeared as the first performer in the Erwin Gutawa Orchestra collaboration set and sang his songs “Dan Bila” and “Sakura” from Fariz RM. The show continued with Teza Sumendra who instantly warmed the cold air in Lembang with the song “Bete” from Dewiq ft. Ipang He also continued his hit song “I Want Your Love,” a song that succeeded in making the female audience cheering.


The most eagerly awaited collaboration, the rock band Kelompok Penerbang Roket started with a loud bang and their signature drum that smoothly combined with the firm strains of the orchestra. The visitors are stunned by this one-of-a-kind collaboration and how the two of them can blend perfectly.


Isyana Sarasvati then continued the music festival by showing unmatched singing skills on “Melati Suci,” a song produced by Guruh Soekarno Putra. Isyana then talked with the audience and reminded of the importance of protecting this mother nature.


At last, Once Mekel came to the stage, and the audience cheered because they could not wait to watch the performance of this legendary singer. His distinctive voice fills the entire space in the pine forest. “Kucinta Kau Apa Adanya” was carried beautifully and accompanied by the voices of the audience who sing along. Once continued to tribute to Chrisye by bringing a medley of his legendary songs. He concluded his performance by thanking the audience and thanking nature for beautifying his experience at Forestra.


Forestra 2019 was closed by the performance of Club Dangdut Racun, a duo who never missed entertaining the fans wherever they performed. From Bohemian Rhapsody to A Whole New World, everything was repackaged with dangdut music.


Visitors who came to Forestra 2019 had expectations that beyond their imagination. Sunny weather, beautiful locations, high-quality music and flawlessly directed, made an unforgettable music festival.


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