Padi Reborn Releases a Fresh and Colorful Single ‘Kau Malaikatku’

Padi Reborn Releases a Fresh and Colorful Single ‘Kau Malaikatku’

It’s been a long time for Padi Reborn did not release new music. An Indonesian group band just released a single that was packed with a touch of fresh and colorful music called “Kau Malaikatku.” Later, it will be part of their upcoming album which release in the near future.


Satriyo Yudi Wahono (Piyu) said “Kau Malaikatku,” tells the story of someone who is looking for an angelic figure in his or her life. “To looking for something, like a spouse or happiness, sometimes we don’t have to look far away,” he said. “Sometimes we have to be aware and pay attention to around us. It might be that what we are looking for so far is actually near us.”


A few things that the most stand out on this single are the acoustic vibes wrapped with strings. Denny Chasmala, as a music producer, made this song sound light and vibrant with a fast tempo beat.


Interestingly, the single “Kau Malaikatku” also involves Jenaka Mahila Sudiro who is a 7-year-old kid of musician and actor Tora Sudiro. Not only Jenaka, but her father was also asked to participate in humming together on the outro.


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