Raspin Stuwart Releases New Album ‘NY2LA’: Review

Raspin Stuwart Releases New Album ‘NY2LA’: Review

The title track of the new album from Raspin Stuwart NY2LA tells us that ‘it’s a long way from New York to LA’, well if you have this album on the car stereo you will wish it was even longer so that you can saver it some more.


Listeners to indie radio will no doubt be well aware of Stuwart’s established hits like “Reelin’”, “King of Foolz”, and “Smoke the Hookah”. It seems that every new song is quickly embraced by his growing band of loyal followers, regularly featuring on indie music charts.


At the time of writing after just three weeks, the title track from the album “NY2LA” is currently at number 11 and climbing on the weekly Top 25 of Canadian based internet radio station KB Radio.


Every track on the album is a master class in how to produce a great song. The writing, the vocals and musical performances are flawless.


There are real emotion and soul on show in every lyric and note, listeners are treated to the full gamut of human experience, from love to loss and all points in between. Bottom line it’s exquisite.


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