Uki Pulls Out of Noah band After Together for 20 Years

Uki Pulls Out of Noah band After Together for 20 Years

For the past three years, Uki of Noah had thought carefully that he would withdraw from the band which had accompanied him for about two decades.


“It’s been over 20 years I’ve wrestled here to become a successful musician,” he said. “Those are has been realized, and it’s enough that one goal in my life has been achieved.”


Some of Uki’s hair start to grow gray hair, marks his life experience and knowledge are increased. So the purpose of his life as a guitar player begins to change as well. He is very grateful that he has been through for bringing to himself like nowadays.


On August 8, Uki officially announced withdraw from his band via Instagram. He didn’t forget to express his sincere gratitude to Ariel, who had accompanied him for 24 years as the band’s vocalist and close friend.


“Bor, Thank you very much, thank you for taking this incredible journey,” Uki wrote. “You’ve taught about the harshness of the world and taught me how to rise from adversity, you are a good friend, loyal, adviser, and I love you, bro.”


Then the 37-year-old musician also thanked Noah members include Lukman (guitar), David (piano), production team, Mrs Acin, Musica Studios, management, Sahabat Noah as fans, and everyone who has participated in this journey.


“I wish you all the best.”



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