WayV, the Second Mini-Album Sequel Releases Today

WayV, the Second Mini-Album Sequel Releases Today

The second mini-album of WayV “Take Over the Moon” have a new sequel. This album consists of a total of 8 songs, including their six songs released in October 2019 and two songs of “WayV.oice # 1” and English version “Love Talk”, it is expected to be highly interested in music fans.


“WayV.oice # 1” is a narration track that reads messages written by WayV members directly, expressing appreciation for fans (WayZenNi), and adds a special feeling because it can only be met through an album without a separate sound announcement.


WayV’s the 2nd mini-album “Take Over The Moon”, ranking first in the iTunes Top Album Chart in 16 regions around the world and #1 in China’s QQ Music Popularity Chart and Music Video Chart. It is also gaining popularity in the field.


“Take Over The Moon-Sequel” is expected to release today (March. 13) under LABEL V.

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