WOLFHOWL Tells His Story as an Emerging DJ in Spain: Exclusive

WOLFHOWL Tells His Story as an Emerging DJ in Spain: Exclusive

Juan José Linés or best known as WOLFHOWL is a 22-year-old DJ and producer based in Valencia, Spain. He began his music career in 2014, where he played on one of the most relevant clubs at MYA Club at the age of 18.


His great achievements so far are have been getting an official remix of Flux Pavilion’s “Pull The Trigger” hitting more than 1.3 Million streams all over the internet and launching a collaboration via Sony Music. Also his debut track “You Know” has reached more than a million streams and has been posted on curated Spotify EDM Playlists as Night Rider.


Even though that his career as a musician in Spain keeps emerging, it cannot be separated from his effort and hard work for last few years.


“The truth is that the first times are always difficult,” he said to Music N Soul. “I remember seeing the production programs as if they were something that doesn’t belong to this world. It seemed so complex, but over time, I was learning and learning until now.”


“Music has always been everything for me”, he continues. “My passion, my refuge, my life engine. I don’t understand a life without music.”


After being a year hiatus due to finishing his master degree, WOLFHOWL still got all the support from his family and fans.


“The truth is that I didn’t expect at all the support I am receiving. I am very grateful, and the only thing I can say is my latest song with Tsebster and Jex “Hello” will release the video clip soon! So, Stay tuned.”


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