Jear Perry Starts Half of the 2020 with 5 Debut Singles

Jear Perry Starts Half of the 2020 with 5 Debut Singles

It’s the fresh half-season of the year for a new rising star Jear Perry. He premiered his songs, not only one single but also five singles at the same time last Friday, Aug. 7.


Perry’s singles are falling into different categories such as personal perception, love, and life. The Kurdish rapper has a unique way to engage his listeners who about to listen to the songs.


“You would start with ‘Personal’ and listen to what he has to say. Second would be Breathe then Monster, Thirsty and then Like,” he said to Music N Soul.


Before releasing those 5 singles, Perry was working so hard and the best as he could.


“Working tirelessly on the art covers and doing photo and video shoot. Other than that, preparing myself mentally and speaking to the universe.”


The singer none put auto-tune for all the songs. The very good reason is fans could listen to the songs and the difference from other mainstream. The length of each song and the mood that comes with it. You can put the headphones on, lay back, and get ready to be taken into a different place.


Since he is hitting 11,000 monthly listeners from the first week of release due to playlist contributions, Jear Perry will be releasing more singles from his catalog of music throughout the year.


“I have about 10 more songs coming out this year. I think after that people will have a clearer vision of who I am and what I do.”

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