Mozambo Talks Summer Tour with Breakbot, Synapson, and More

Mozambo Talks Summer Tour with Breakbot, Synapson, and More

Having a tour could be more fun when surrounded by a good team and best friends. A French-based group, Mozambo have been travelled and still have a few tour schedule until mid of October with some rising DJs.


“We’re really happy to share the stage with Synapson, Lost Frequencies, Breakbot, Ofenbach, and Feder, because some of them are our friends and we’ve got the same team,” Mozambo tells Music N Soul. “So, it’s always good to spend time with these guys.”


Christian Piano and Alexis know from the beginning of Soundcloud era that they would have a set with them. Previously, they made a lot of gigs together. It proves all of them are friends for a long time.


Among of those DJs, Mozambo admires Breakbot as their most favourite one.


“It was, and it’s still a big influence for us, we really like the vibe and the groove on his productions and remix and the human behind. The artist is a really great man so yes, we’ll say mister Breakbot!”


Furthermore, the duo musician enjoys every single moment during on tour. Each of them is love to meet some new people, discover new cities, and new culture act.

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