NIKI Returns with New Single ‘Switchblade’ from ‘Moonchild’

NIKI Returns with New Single ‘Switchblade’ from ‘Moonchild’

“lowkey” Indonesian songstress NIKI returned with a new single called “Switchblade”. It is her first pop song release of the year.


NIKI explained “Switchblade” is the song that kicks off “Moonchild” album, which she have been working on for almost two years now.


“This single marks the beginning of ‘Moonchild’s’ sonic journey, which is ironic because it was one of the last songs I wrote for the album. ‘Switchblade’ represents an iron clad attitude and outlook—conquering whatever you want, whatever is in your vicinity or in your way. Your “switchblade faith” allows you to accomplish anything!”


To complement the single, she has also dropped the music video for “Switchblade” today. Directed by Tom Teller, the clip introduces NIKI as the innocent and naive ‘Moonchild’ born from a divine silk cocoon as she explores her new surroundings. Over the course of her journey, we can see NIKI’s battle betrayal, ultimately losing her light as she faces tension for her creator, while the moon represents of NIKI’s heritage and homeland.

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