Siki Daha Show His Support to Health Workers with ‘Be Brave’

Siki Daha Show His Support to Health Workers with ‘Be Brave’

There are a lot of ways to support our doctors and nurses for COVID-19 nowadays. Fundraiser, free meals, free masks, music, and more.


An international singer Siki Daha showed his support to them by released a fresh pop tune. “Be Brave” was written after the #metoo movement about a couple of years ago. It’s for men to stand behind and beside women through this time and make their voices count.


But as time passed by, the song came on April 17 about we entered the coronavirus pandemic. And, for Siki, the song has a whole new meaning.


“So, I wanted to inspire all our BRAVE health care workers out thereby dedicating the song to them and all they are doing to keep the world alive,” he revealed to Music N Soul. “This song has a universal theme of bravery and strength and I hope by sharing a part of the back story it gives a little more meaning.”


The chorus part which play gospel vibe like Mariah Carey is becomes Siki’s favourite one.


“Be brave / Be strong / Times Up, It’s been too long.”


The response from “Be Brave” so far was like everything he wanted, and he would like to do more effort to keep promoting it.


“I feel like I can still give this song a second or third push! People can really relate to the song and the message so I’m really grateful.”


Therefore, he and his friends made the lockdown short clip version to shows a strong message. “I wanted to portray so I’m happy with what we got. Thank you, by the way to all the people who took the time out to be in that video with me.”


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